Tuesday, December 25, 2012


As a promise, here my NIKKO r/c Sea Wolf Submarine 1/250 Scale..
 Yes this is not a new latest model from NIKKO, this rc submarine actually already release for sale at along time ago [not remember when (-_-;)] but far as i know, its already on market when i was still in primary school [that was 12 years ago (*^*)] and at that time all the r/c model from all brand are so expensive..

 From my research, found out that r/c submarine from NIKKO already existed in 1980s (i`m born in the 80s) but from early model they are known as SEA STAR / OCEAN EXPLORER.

It come with stand for display.

The main propeller also as steering that can turn left and rifght.

 Made in Malaysia and with patern number from under it belly..

Submerge Propeller left and with Balancer Compartment on the right under it belly.

Already try on land to check if the motor work but not in the water yet because dont have any pool or small lake near my area so i think it can take time before i can launch this out, this rc submarine is using Mabuchi 280 dive motor.

Small rectangular type weights (to put in Balancer Compartment) and round ring type weights for balancing the body of submarine (to put on Submerge Propeller).

It using 6 C-Size (1.5V) Alkaline batteries and 4 AA size (1.5V) batteries just for submarine, another 4 AA size for remote control, that quite a lot!


 View from both side of the box.
This is it for now, next post i`m going to reveal more about this rc submarine and few future project ideas to do with this rc (^_^)

note: all picture above was taken with Samsung Galaxy S3                                    

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