Sunday, January 31, 2010


I`m decide to finish all this, no more detailing job on this project so it done;-)









 Very2 sorry u guys about the picture, i know it suck.. I`m admit it need more improvement for my photography tehcnique for example use studio box for taking picture, maybe later;-) so guys thank for reviewing, plss give ur comment bubye daa

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just few update..
After manage buying the black paint, i`m straight to finish this part.. The Caution Sign Area

Just a few update on this base but update this time is kiling my back urrgghh, lot of fine detailing to be done..

 using maskin tape and little tiny brush, step by step apply the paint with the brush.. And ofcoz i`m start with one colour first:P

 full viewing from the top

 the shuttle launcher from update before, now it look not very nice hurmm..

 also with the wall, i`m finish the detailing with apply silver chrome colour on the pipeline system..

 but not to all pipeline, i`m left few with black colour to look more natural

air syaf system

 and the last for this post, the door with yellow frame..
For overall on this project, it not finish yet.. Still have few ideas for the detailing so stay tune again;-) and plss left a comment before u guys leaving this post daaaaaa..

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I buy this kit before my MG Exia and MG RX-78-2, it a long time ago but never make it until now for taking a picture bcoz i`m too lazy with other thing..

The price i got for this model kit about RM60.00 only and from my experience the TT Hongli product most likely or similiar with the original Bandai.. Before TT Hongli becoming feymes, i`m had bought MG Gundam F91(u guys can check out from my previous post) from GHD brand but the plastic quality and articulation joint it awful.. Now i`m turn to TT Hongli;-)

 The plastic quality and articulation joint is impressive for fake brand even in this post all picture i took if u guys notice i`m not playing with articulation too much, scare there r gonna get loose:-P

 The features of this model kit that made me interested it the shield, it look tough and resemble to a Bat..

That not a LED light! Just an effect from Photoscape software;-) thank to CD for introduce this software to me, for now that all I know how to make the effect:-( still long away to learn huhu..

  The duel gun/pistol that tight to left and right legs distingush it from HG scale kit..

The plastic leg gap it quite perfect if compared to the HG scale.. It all need just some cement and sand it down;-) all gonna be perfect like original but ofcoz i`m still dont have time to go on with the Dynames custom project, maybe next time and i will share with u guys in next post later..:-) adios.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 After a week not post any update, here insertion while waiting the budget for my black paint and the update post of gundam hanger base diorama..


I`m made it a long2 time ago with left over gundam kit plastic frame to resemble a hanger base pillar but now still not using it for any gunpla project purpose, uhm maybe later bcoz i`m really drop the idea for now ..


About the TT Hong Li gundam kit, here my two 1/100 scale of NG Kyrios and Dynames.. I`m gonna show u guys the details for next post;-) already had those two kit along time ago but quite lazy to take a picture bcoz i`m cannot make it rite when use the camera for Close Up Mode:-( huhu whatever juz wait for next post for a review;-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Update for shuttle launcher and the cargo truck..

yellow paint for the caution stripe.. 

put some metallic blue decal for front mirror truck effect but not so clear when i snap with my camera..

the cargo
sorry for the blurred picture huhu..

Monday, January 11, 2010


Believe or not the world largest toy museum it located at Penang, Malaysia.. Juz near at my home town, took about 45 minutes to get there.. Before arrived, u guys can enjoy the ocean scenery from Penang Bridge or by Ferry Penang transportation..

The Gateway to the another world...! erm dont mind the tourists that juz passing by when i snap the picture(-.-)

Unfortunately, it was a slapdash plan with my frendz to go there.. I forgot to bring the right camera with full charges battery:-(

 For the consequence, i can not take all toy pictures in the museum and some of them r blurred..


But whatever, juz enjoy the picture;-) he2..




Childplay figures, horror and thriller movie from my childhood ages.. Still scary until now:D

Lot of superman figures....

The Incridibles Hulk figures


The fantastic Four figures

And the real life size The Silver Surfer


The lanes of big boy toys fan....


 The Hellraiser figures, also horror and thriller movie from my childhood age.. This movie once gave me nightmare a long2 time ago and that when i`m 10 years old keh..


 Hantu Gigi(tooth ghost) one of the ghost character from Hellraiser movie..
This is it, if  want a more information about the museum u guys can check at out  the web or u guys juz can come here at Penang and visit the museum;-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/100 MG GNX / my next model kit

I`m definitely gonna get this kit after my MG Exia, is a long term plan but after see the box design it already make my feeling shaked tremble even budget still not enough:p image from SRW

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here update for the wall & floor..

use only two colour, Flat Black for primary and Executive Gray..

 close up, the shuttle launcher rails left black..


close up, the wall wind syaf/tunnel also left black


more close up, the door, cable and pipeline system

 primary layer before like picture above....
and it not 100 percent finish yet, feel like missing sumting and i think gonna make more detailing after this.. so stay tune;-)