Sunday, January 31, 2010


I`m decide to finish all this, no more detailing job on this project so it done;-)









 Very2 sorry u guys about the picture, i know it suck.. I`m admit it need more improvement for my photography tehcnique for example use studio box for taking picture, maybe later;-) so guys thank for reviewing, plss give ur comment bubye daa


jojosochi said...

Wao.. nice painting job =D i guess you need more chain base to fit your 1/100 scale gundam =)

At first i didn't know it dosen't fit 1/100 scale T_T after i get two more, similar your setting.. still dosen't fit =S then i get another few.. (forget how many base i buy already...)

After you stacked up the base, it's actually fit 1/60 =) *hint hint, get PG for yourself muahahaha.. :P

Man, i wish my place got selling TT Hong Li chain base XD

jojosochi said...

Let me poison you hehe.. actually i didn't really take a clean shot at the base, hope you can sneak a bit

picture one:

picture two:


chubbybots said...

Awesome work on the base man. I love how you colored each individual pieces!! Looks more realistic with your painting!

Maybe a suggestion would be not to use flash when taking photos especially for close ups such as these. Just use natural sunlight :D

mangyver5223 said...

wow, bleh tahan...

Faris said...

Wow nice one man hahaha i want to do the same to my base .Somehow the black paint eems a bit awkward but overall i love it hahahaha

kaymaroo said...

thanks for ur advice about photoshot chubbybot;-)i`m really need it huhu

B-Mecha said...

Maybe give it a flat coat will turn out better. Your camera flash are making the black shines.

Overall it looks good! I'll consider to paint a bit on mine too :D

CD said...

Not bad! Actually, it looks pretty good! Nice job! *thumbs up*

Wish I can these stuff easily around my area. XP