Friday, February 5, 2010


Here the small review about my NG 1/100 Gundam Kyrios, check it out..;-)

As u guys read and watch it a TT Hongli brand, yeah another fake brand:p


 The full front view

 The back view

 Got it about RM60.00 only and dont know if 
there place u guys got it more cheaper than mine

 Beam rifle shoot!!


Lower and torso view

 GN Particles burst out!!


The full top view, for overall i`m better with this mode it look more cool..

 But when transform to this mode, the shape structure a little bit weak compare to HG version but that all before glueing or customize yet;-) ha3.. This one gonna be great project to done..

Lower view of JTMA Mode, this is it for now
tq for reviewing plss left ur comment before leaving;-) daa


mangyver5223 said...

@ kaymaroo: Gua mintak ampun jika terasa.....gua rasa bleh buat skt improvement untok effect supaya nampak relistik sket. bakat tu memang dah nampak.....memang kool model ni...

kaymaroo said...

hak3 it`s ok mangyver no hal, effect tu utk sja2 je la.. tak jelajah abes lg pun software photoscape tu huhu

B-Mecha said...

Hmm the quality seems acceptable for the price... But I would expect it to be cheaper.

kaymaroo said...

yup that absolutely rite, zoidiect was tell me that he can get HG TT Hongli below RM20.00 at his area and my area i got about RM25.. Maybe for NG 1/100 scale like my kyrios can get more cheaper, someday i`m gonna go there;-)

Anonymous said...


Id like to share my experience building this TT Hongli kit.

Accrdng to Prime92(you should know him if you look for gundam review on YT), he did his kit straight snap build and didnt get into any trouble. To my supprise, some of the pegs in my kit need filling so that they can get in the polycaps. About 6 to 10, I cant remember accurately. It is still a waste of time. Oh well.

The result on the other hand was amazing. If you dont intend to post pic/vid on the net, straight build is good enough. The details are already good. Well worth the money. Looks way better than KOs from other cartoon like TF or Hero Factory.

I hope to find more good review of 1/100 NG TT Honglis to give me some idea what kits to buy next.