Thursday, December 31, 2009


update for container cargo unit

by selecting the colour red, blue & grey dust for top surface and also using spraying technic for the effect, layer of flat black paint for below surface..

and the container sticker that i`m use is from gundam kit MG strike IWSP, water decal type..

so this is it for now and plss look forward my new update;-)

next challenge gonna be the wall, floor and shuttle launcher..

Monday, December 28, 2009



This is gonna be my new project, paint the machine nest base to make look more colourful and more realistic.. For information, i`m still a beginner for painting job so hope u guys can give me comment or advice about this project..

Already start painting the cargo trailers, cranes and the missile carriers with yellow paint.. For the effect, i`m paint the black layers under the yellow to look more natural or realistic.. (note:- i`m just use spray paint)


If u guys notice in the back there the missile, i`m painting with grey dust colour also with the black layer under..


Still a long way to complete the project, i`m still search of ideas eg about the shuttle, container, wall and floor colours.. That all gonna need a detail, hope u guys with a lot of ideas willing to help me while this project still in progress..


This is it, i`m gonna post the update soon after making some progress and it will a long time to wait:p

Friday, December 25, 2009



 The story begin when i`m still in secondary school, when suddenly the grocery store at my house sales those little tiny swords.. Dont quite remember which hongkong comic(pedang setiawan) story of those swords coming from until now(2009) but all i know the design quality is so awesome and they are not key chain, believe or not the price for one only RM1.60..

the original swords from my school age now left only this four, it should have two type more of swords.. I lost it in storage:-( do not know who is taking it ehm my cat maybe..


compare the swords size with span a hand


details, the painting flake shown the true term period


 this is a the latest collection from the other four of swords, it swords from the Hong Kong movie about the sword warriors The Storm Riders with their second film The Storm Warriors;-) but unfortunately the swords i got is low quality, notice the picture? it broke:-( 


 until now, i can not find the swords with the same quality.. so regret for not buy all those swords in that time, if not i`m already has the largest collection of toy/small swords(pedang setiawan);-) moral of this story, when u find the great stuff and it limited.. Dont hesitate, juz buy all or u will regret some day:p

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Update about the gundam shop from older post, this time it all about the non gundam stuff left over pictures that i took..

Check it out..

 beside from the gundam kits section, this shop also have the action figure from anime and movie.. Plss scroll down more for the pictures.....






 Pokemon toys section


souvenir like keychain from final fantasy, transformer, death note, bleach and many more also has here


Wallets souvenir from anime


School bags souvenir

for airplane model fans but not sure its a model kit need to assemble or the finishing model....


they also have the latest, airbus 380


Watches souvenir


Ring finger souvenir


Dragon ball action figures


a lot of bearbrick, always read about them in the magazine.. 


i`m not fans of the bearbrick but they sure are cute;-)


its sure can be gift to gurlfrenz rite but i`m single and availaible:-(
so i wont buy it yet, sorry uncle(the shop owner)


Kamen rider action figures, from old episodes of kamen rider to the latest...


 Tekken action figures


Street fighter i think?? too much cartoon/anime to remember:p


hmmm not sure about this but definitely from the anime and manga;-)

Naruto action figures


Alien vs predator action figures


 and last, Transformer movie action figures..

huh wait there are two more pictures u guys need to see, the regular customers:p go to the shop every weekend and u guys will find them;-)
hak3.. Jgn mrah rrr..


uncle( the shop owner) if u read this, we regular customers hope can get more discount for the gundam kits next time:p hehe.. dont forget keh...

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hye guys it has been a few weeks since i updated my blog, as always i am gonna post about some new stuff  and share with u guys...

This time my post it all about where me and my friends hanging out and goes shopping for gundam kits in our area, as we known the gundam kit TT Hongli brand now becoming more popular and most searching words in the web, and this shop have most all type of the model gundam kit TT Hongli  brand;-) ofcoz i already got permission from the shop owner to publish this, so plss reviewing my post to the end:-) enjoy.......

For those who lives at Perai Penang, maybe u guys already know about this shop..

There a lot type of model kits that sales here, some example at the top of model kit from gundam seed destiny model HG scale 1/144 and below NG scale 1/100 from gundam 00, and i`m already got 3 model kit of them;-)


1/60, 1/100, 1/1400 scale and PG, MG, NG, HG from different brand like TT hongli, GHD and ofcoz they also got the Bandai original brand from japan.. But my post this time it all about the TT Hongli brand from China bcoz the quality is quiet similiar from the original and the prize is more reasonable for the low currency country(Malaysia) like us, rite??


 My future model kit;-) NG 1/100 Virtue, for perfection gundam 00 season 1 collection of mine hua3..


Here the section of the 1/100 MG gundam, not quiet remember all name of the model kits there:p juz lookin for ur self hehe...


 MG 1/100 Unicorn TT Hongli brand pose for displays, quiet similar huh from the orgininal..


PG gundam model kit, i`m not really sure about the types of model in this picture but if i'm not mistaken, there are gundam wing, freedom and strike..

They also got the special edition gundam kits example is the strike freedom full burst mode from TT Hongli brand..

Few model kits scale 1/144 from seed destiny gundam for the pose


 1/100 MG Shin musha gundam and the 1/100 MG strike IWSP


This is it the last picture for the post, hope u guys enjoy for reviewing and if there a question, tip or advice  u guys can post me a comment or juz message me at the chat box on ur right side of the blog tq......