Thursday, February 11, 2010


After got few comment from my blogger frenz, i made mind to post again the picture of my custom gundam hanger base dioramas.. Enjoy the pictures and once again leave ur comment;-)

This time, i`m taking pictures outdoor for natural lightning mood..




Mechanic staff from F-91 gundam, dont know his name bcoz not watch The Gundam F-91 anime hehe but i`m really like the F-91 Gundam design, it look great..!! try to paint this guy but only manage painted the shirt for now..

Haro:- Sir Setsuna Sir Amuro your mobile suits are now ready to be used, all upgrade components now installed and maintenance is completed..
Amuro:- Understood..
Setsuna:- Thanks Haro, prepair us to launch immediately..
Maybe that discussion topic by them all about:P
Spare part container cargo with gundam Strike IWSP water decal..
Maintenance space walk..
Pipeline system..
Small air conditioner window, paint it all with black and silver chrome..
Wall or gateway with air conditioner window unit, also paint it black and silver chrome..
Thank guys for reviewing:-)


chubbybots said...

Wow looks so much better in sunlight!! Looks so real!!

Awesome reshoot man :D

Mathai said...

Nice work! it looks great in outdoor light.

kaymaroo said...

thanks guys but i`m still need to improve my photography technique, notice few blurr picture there??:P

chubbybots said...

Very minor blur ^^ But overall it catches the real base feeling which I think is the most important!

Faris said...

Kay man this looks a lot better, and nice diorama man.

mangyver5223 said...

wow u using green leaf as background? cool!

kaymaroo said...

thanks chubbybots, faris and mangyver yup luckly my back yard still have green plant(my father garden) to make my background photo;-) but maybe after this i should try space background, any ideas how to make it??

Derringer said...

That's very awesome! I wish I had room in my place for hangars.

kaymaroo said...

@Deringger: my room also just small, after finish up that base now it just abandoned somewhere corner in my room huhu..