Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello guys, nice to meet u all again for tonite i`m going to introduce my new machine nest base or as known mechanical chain base. For warning, this is not bandai product or kotobukiya product or any japanese brand product... Here some introducing photo

from the packaging u all will know that this machine nest is a made in china, china product ler..

more packaging photo

& more packaging photo

at least, the base.. this is 2 diffrent base that i already combine it from base no.002 & 004
yeah i know that this base is copier from kotobukiya product also as known fake product but from the quality it not very diffrence from the original...

i buy this base from penang megamall toy shop, the prize actually about RM32 sumting but got discount from uncle(shop owner) about sumting percent he2 n ofcoz it much more cheaper than the japanese brand la..

bcoz of the prize n the similiar quality it worth to buy n put yr gundam together 2 make diorama, playing by yrself in the room:-P or juz making yr gundam more good looking in the collection;-)

the shuttle, juz imagine this base after more touch up & repaint it;-)

container trailer also 4 carrying the weapon:- this machine nest base is suitable 4 any scale from gundam model kit accept for model scale 1/60.. For scale 1/100 maybe u have 2 combine more then one diffrent base to make it look more realistic hanger base diorama but if u juz want give yr gundam a place to sleeping or standing it enough for juz one base.. It all depend on yr imagination n creativity..

multi purpose mechanical arm

Juz for the show, two gundam pilot n the mechanic robot from my gundam MG exia & RX-78-2 collection, this photo is the last for my post tonite n actually i got 2 more base for model no.003 n 005 but for now i m not taking any picture yet.. For next post, i will combine all 4 base of mine 2 make some diorama for my 1/100 gundam collection n share wif u all.. Tq for visiting my blog hope u guys leave some comment for the post, gudnite & gudmorning bubye... adios...

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