Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here new update for 2 more mechanical chain base no.003 & 005 picture that i assemble, please take a look..

no.model that shown on the boxs

now, the base with HG gundam exia & virtue juz for the show;-) actually this is 2 machine nest base that i already combine with the other 2 more base before( plss check the oldest post) which mean the bases in the picture rite now is combined from 4 diffrent type machine nest base model.

2 diffrent picture, 2 gundam pilot from MG 1/100 gundam Exia & RX-78-2 juz show the scale between the bases.

container truck with haro on it or drive it?

basically this base model actually juz the same from the wall & floor that can attacth for each other but the diffrent is the product they installs in it.

here examples of the product or stuff that they installing for diffrent packaging, the container truck, container(small&big type), multi purpose mechanical arm & more other..

1/100 scale pilot gundam between product/stuff

my favourite stuff on the base;-) the launch shuttler, also came with diffrent size wif diffrent type machine nest model

example base wall type for model no.004,005,006 & if u notice the wall on the left is for model no.001,002,003 all this base model can be combine & attach each other..

Here some dioramas for the show, plss enjoy it

using MG 1/100 gundam F-91 for the pose

F-91 mobile suit now launch! pweshhhhhhh! zrooommm!

notice the little robot back there?? it a mechanic robot that can be driven by 1/100 scale gundam pilot & ofcoz it actually a toy robot from kinder joy chocolate:p juz small modify now i can put gundam pilot into it..

here last picture for today, tq for watching/reviewing &
plss left yr comment about my blog & the post... c u all again chow.......

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Kent said...

I Would Like to ask U.. R the shop got list of price for de MG and PG TT Hongli Gundam Model Kits?