Saturday, December 19, 2009


Update about the gundam shop from older post, this time it all about the non gundam stuff left over pictures that i took..

Check it out..

 beside from the gundam kits section, this shop also have the action figure from anime and movie.. Plss scroll down more for the pictures.....






 Pokemon toys section


souvenir like keychain from final fantasy, transformer, death note, bleach and many more also has here


Wallets souvenir from anime


School bags souvenir

for airplane model fans but not sure its a model kit need to assemble or the finishing model....


they also have the latest, airbus 380


Watches souvenir


Ring finger souvenir


Dragon ball action figures


a lot of bearbrick, always read about them in the magazine.. 


i`m not fans of the bearbrick but they sure are cute;-)


its sure can be gift to gurlfrenz rite but i`m single and availaible:-(
so i wont buy it yet, sorry uncle(the shop owner)


Kamen rider action figures, from old episodes of kamen rider to the latest...


 Tekken action figures


Street fighter i think?? too much cartoon/anime to remember:p


hmmm not sure about this but definitely from the anime and manga;-)

Naruto action figures


Alien vs predator action figures


 and last, Transformer movie action figures..

huh wait there are two more pictures u guys need to see, the regular customers:p go to the shop every weekend and u guys will find them;-)
hak3.. Jgn mrah rrr..


uncle( the shop owner) if u read this, we regular customers hope can get more discount for the gundam kits next time:p hehe.. dont forget keh...


Anonymous said...

didnt mention the place?

kaymaroo said...

ops sorry, it actually at Megamall, seberang perai, penang... Plss check out my oldest post, sorry for a late respon