Friday, December 25, 2009



 The story begin when i`m still in secondary school, when suddenly the grocery store at my house sales those little tiny swords.. Dont quite remember which hongkong comic(pedang setiawan) story of those swords coming from until now(2009) but all i know the design quality is so awesome and they are not key chain, believe or not the price for one only RM1.60..

the original swords from my school age now left only this four, it should have two type more of swords.. I lost it in storage:-( do not know who is taking it ehm my cat maybe..


compare the swords size with span a hand


details, the painting flake shown the true term period


 this is a the latest collection from the other four of swords, it swords from the Hong Kong movie about the sword warriors The Storm Riders with their second film The Storm Warriors;-) but unfortunately the swords i got is low quality, notice the picture? it broke:-( 


 until now, i can not find the swords with the same quality.. so regret for not buy all those swords in that time, if not i`m already has the largest collection of toy/small swords(pedang setiawan);-) moral of this story, when u find the great stuff and it limited.. Dont hesitate, juz buy all or u will regret some day:p

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