Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 After a week not post any update, here insertion while waiting the budget for my black paint and the update post of gundam hanger base diorama..


I`m made it a long2 time ago with left over gundam kit plastic frame to resemble a hanger base pillar but now still not using it for any gunpla project purpose, uhm maybe later bcoz i`m really drop the idea for now ..


About the TT Hong Li gundam kit, here my two 1/100 scale of NG Kyrios and Dynames.. I`m gonna show u guys the details for next post;-) already had those two kit along time ago but quite lazy to take a picture bcoz i`m cannot make it rite when use the camera for Close Up Mode:-( huhu whatever juz wait for next post for a review;-)

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milo strip said...

check out my gundam hanger made from leftover to..