Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Update for shuttle launcher and the cargo truck..

yellow paint for the caution stripe.. 

put some metallic blue decal for front mirror truck effect but not so clear when i snap with my camera..

the cargo
sorry for the blurred picture huhu..


kaymaroo said...


jojosochi said...

finally.. haha.. last time i have this issue also. untill someone told me.

By the way, same question that you asking, now asking you back haha.. do you using air brush to spray the chain base? or you using Spray can?

kaymaroo said...

yup just using a spray can, for now i`m still not enough budget to buy that airbrush kit but maybe some day and when that time came, i will asking for advice keh..

kaymaroo said...

ur(jojosochi) advice;-)

jojosochi said...

Haha.. i'm not the expert also.. just sharing =D

if long run, they recommend get nice compressor and airbrush. Brand dosen't matter, choose the one you prefer.

Airbrush they recommend get 2 ways type.. i'm still blur with this haha.. One of my friend using Car paint to paint his gundam.. the color it's very fantastic.

At first i don't believe it, after i see the real thing.. man.. it's awesome color XD for my understanding, industry thinner too storng on plastic.. but he told me, he just put a litter bit thinner, then without primer, just spray like that..

Actually he got one kit when wrong.. luckily it's just a shield. So he do a damage version haha.. i think i should post in my blog.

By the way, what brand spary can you using? At here(Brunei) only have Tamiya paint.. T_T hard to find MR. Hobby colour...