Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just few update..
After manage buying the black paint, i`m straight to finish this part.. The Caution Sign Area

Just a few update on this base but update this time is kiling my back urrgghh, lot of fine detailing to be done..

 using maskin tape and little tiny brush, step by step apply the paint with the brush.. And ofcoz i`m start with one colour first:P

 full viewing from the top

 the shuttle launcher from update before, now it look not very nice hurmm..

 also with the wall, i`m finish the detailing with apply silver chrome colour on the pipeline system..

 but not to all pipeline, i`m left few with black colour to look more natural

air syaf system

 and the last for this post, the door with yellow frame..
For overall on this project, it not finish yet.. Still have few ideas for the detailing so stay tune again;-) and plss left a comment before u guys leaving this post daaaaaa..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

supreme detailing=OMG

jojosochi said...

Good work bro.

kaymaroo said...

thank guys:D

chubbybots said...

Cool detailing of the base man :D Hopefully I have time to do that to my own one day!

mangyver5223 said...

superb nice at caution stripe mark at surface,huh

Garuda said...

Wow makin cantik hangar nye hehehe,nanti saya pun nak buat macam ni

kaymaroo said...

thanxx chubbybot, mangyver & garuda.. Still long way to learn, hope u guys can share the knowledge with me;-)