Monday, January 11, 2010


Believe or not the world largest toy museum it located at Penang, Malaysia.. Juz near at my home town, took about 45 minutes to get there.. Before arrived, u guys can enjoy the ocean scenery from Penang Bridge or by Ferry Penang transportation..

The Gateway to the another world...! erm dont mind the tourists that juz passing by when i snap the picture(-.-)

Unfortunately, it was a slapdash plan with my frendz to go there.. I forgot to bring the right camera with full charges battery:-(

 For the consequence, i can not take all toy pictures in the museum and some of them r blurred..


But whatever, juz enjoy the picture;-) he2..




Childplay figures, horror and thriller movie from my childhood ages.. Still scary until now:D

Lot of superman figures....

The Incridibles Hulk figures


The fantastic Four figures

And the real life size The Silver Surfer


The lanes of big boy toys fan....


 The Hellraiser figures, also horror and thriller movie from my childhood age.. This movie once gave me nightmare a long2 time ago and that when i`m 10 years old keh..


 Hantu Gigi(tooth ghost) one of the ghost character from Hellraiser movie..
This is it, if  want a more information about the museum u guys can check at out  the web or u guys juz can come here at Penang and visit the museum;-)


mangyver5223 said...

yess.... dah bley masuk komen... >_< sori lambat komen....

Awanz said...

Baru saya tahu ada Muzium Mainan di Malaysia. Terbesar didunia plak tu! Tempat wajib melawat bagi Peminat 'Big boys Toys'.

kaymaroo said...

Awanz, ko tnggal kt area mna?? pegi la muzium toys 2 keh;-) jgn x pegi, promote lak hehe